With One Steady Roll

How I will rock my baby, that is: with one steady roll.

(21, female, still figuring out on my own what I like and what I don't. Loving life, loving college! Fantasize about a lot of things. Used to do so about a threesome until I had one. Used to about party sex until I had some. Learned I don't like sex much if it's not with people I really and truly care about. So I'm not looking to meet people from tumblr for sex. Sorry. (If I know you in real life and then on tumblr, well who knows!) XD

Hanging out with a couple of people right now. Seeing what this new year is going to bring in relationships. Not looking for hookups from strangers.

Not really into high school sex except in memories of when I was there, and fantasies about a few younger brothers and sisters of my friends. Not into relatives, not into many older people. I like the idea of threesomes still, like using toys with girlfriends, love oral sex, anal when it's done right, not prejudiced by race, not into being tied in real life, getting off on pain, or degradation (keep that 'worthless bitch' shit to yourself, asshole). .